Leasematic - Auto/Car Lease & Loan Calculator App Reviews

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This is just what I expected. Actually its more than what I expected. It helped me to understand the variables that factor into a lease. I previously used a spreadsheet but this app is super handy.

Great app

Very pleased with the app. Did everything I needed and was easy to use.

Great App

Works as advertised. Use right at dealership to keep things honest. Only thing I wish it had is a sign-and-drive option. Currently it always gives you a "due at signing" amount but its common now to roll first monthly payment into the lease so you pay boring at the dealership. This, obviously, increases your monthly payment.

Almost perfect

Love it. Used it to guess at why the lease being offered me was so high. Saved another $37 per month by finding the money factor they were using. Wish it had two more things 1. Calculation of the money factor from the inputs 2. GAVT calculations in Georgia Its still very very useful.

Didnt understand a thing

Hard to use Many questions And I didnt get what I wanted

Good lease calculator

It calculates very accurately as long as you know the Money Factor and residual value. Need to have some basic knowledge about lease terms before using this app. Basically this is a simple calculator for lease payment.

Best app ever!!

Right on with all the numbers.. The dealership cannot fool you!

Great app!!

This is a very helpful and super money saving app! I was able to calculate my deal at the dealership and managed to get a great lease deal on my car! No Down Payment!


1st time writing a review for any app but passionate this was a waste and folks should know to stay away as there must be other apps to serve this purpose that are more intuitive and not wind up in endless dead ends. Horrible!

Saved me thousands.

Thank you so much! Please continue supporting this app! The dealer couldnt believe how I knew the numbers down to the penny. I negotiated almost 17% off Msrp and plugged in the true tier 1 money factor and exact residual from the forums at Perfect. Many times the dealer will agree to reduce Msrp but then "pad" the money factor to make up for it. That doesnt happen when you use leasematic. Thanks again.

Not a bad tool

For the price you pay for it, its not a bad little tool. It gets a little squirrelly sometimes if you change a lot of things back and forth. But overall, a good to get you by in a jiffy if you need to.

Best app to use when leasing autos

Simple interface, very useful when working on car leases, numbers breakdown and accurate calculations which you can compare to when making any financial transactions for auto or loans. Saved me quiet a bit on my last lease, its an awesome app to quickly run then numbers, includes taxes, customize screens, very well thought out. Finally I can stop using excel app for leasing my autos!! Highly recommended


Great app that goes a long way toward understanding the numbers while leasing and buying cars!

This version is a little buggy

Its great after restarting the iPhone.

Saved over $3000

Wow, just wow! This is the first review I have ever written, but it had such a profound impact. I used this app to negotiate $80 less per month on a 39 month lease! I had the sales person and two "managers" attempt to refute the simple facts of the price of the lease their company provided me presented in a non-sense way by using Leasematic. I would recommend ensuring that you as a prospective leader understand the numbers (I.e MF is solved by dividing APR by 2400). This helps quell the argument: "you cant use an app to calculate your payment from a major car company"

Main Weapon

This is my major weapon when I face car dealers :)

As good as it gets. Will NEVER lease another car without it.

Everything you need. Period! Best $2 ever spent.

Very good app; excellent customer service

I am glad I found this app. I am shopping for a new car lease (this June) and Leaseamatic will be a good tool to have to make a decision. I experienced the excellent support they provide. I emailed a few questions I had, and received from Haris prompt answers and follow ups. My best $2.00 investment I ever did.

Helped me learn a lot

Easy to use but had a small learning curve. Super powerful app when shopping for a lease. I learned a lot about leasing just by plugging in figures into this app.

Awesome app

Best leasing app EVER!!!

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